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released May 20, 2014

Recorded in our jamspace by Trevor Robson



all rights reserved


POOR FORM Vancouver, British Columbia

poor form is adam, legs, nate, & james.

upcoming shows:

Victoria BC
January 16, 2016
6:30 - 10:00 PM
Vacant Life (Seattle)
Not A Cost
Thick Skull
10 bux
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Track Name: Boxed In
Funny what waiting around will get you, a pocket full of one dollar bills
Uninsured and deadened, staring.
And you can spend your whole life boxed in, led by an anxious feeling.
Boxed in.
Led by a feeling, there's gotta be something new.
Or is there just waiting? Is there just waiting?
Track Name: Breaking Off
The door's okay ajar, we let the smoke billow through. Floors are littered with wreckage of the winter blues, staring at the space between your chair and my cold feet. Talking circles, blurring lines. They barely make it through. Build, construct a wall for your puppet strings of trust, and sit higher than the rest of us. Fortify your reasons, identify a weakness, can't read blurred lines anymore, I'm loaded and unsure, and now I'm breaking off. Come and gone, like sunny days in a northwest winter, you only found another cryptic note to read between the lines.
Track Name: Ain't Clean
Sloppy words, droopy eyes, sit there hating it, and I could die
The fact is everybody knows, the way you shrug it off, throw on your clothes. And I ain't clean, but I'd clean up for you. At least I'd try to.
And I ain't clean, it's plain to show, scuff my boots on purpose tear at my holes, fact is nobody's called, I hear you got a letter and forget it all. And I ain't been writing but I'd write to you, at least a word or two.
And your sloppy words, and your droopy eyes, make my days a good night.
Track Name: Squared
Kinda tired, stuck in the middle, it's nothing personal cuz everyone's here.
I know I fucked up, but just a little, I'm pretty bad at making everything squared.
Just sigh in your bedroom and hate the morning.
I don't know I've been through this all before.
Track Name: Fine
Lie on the sidewalk, eyes downcast when I talk, shoulda known that first summer in the park, kinda awkward but we kiss and I feel sparks
And shivers down my spine, now I waited too long to make you mine
And I wanna have substance but it only makes sense when I'm crying. Look at our picture, I feel unsure all the time. And you shoulda known or I shoulda told you: I'm not fine.
And it's easier when it's far away, shoulda left it at a passing glance, cuz I'm better at that than holding hands.
Lie on the sidewalk yell when you talk I'm not fine, shoulda known I shoulda told you I'm not fine. And what's worse it ain't a question of hers or mine, but it's always the answer. I'm not fine.
Track Name: Don't Mean Nothing
Get's worse most times, least that's something that I've begun to find and don't mean nothing, don't mean nothing. You've got your sights fixed on borders and brighter lights. Don't mean nothing. And at the best of times, we're catching up to be left in line, don't mean nothing. I heard the words you said, over and over til I went deaf. Don't mean nothing.
Track Name: July
Stuck alone with no one to blame it's just the product of feeling the same and everybody feels changed. And I don't want you to think that this is all I do. Sit alone and think about you. Burning bridges that I never got over, good July to a shitty October. Achey body getting older. And I don't want this to be like every other time, wasting dollars saving dimes.
Track Name: Sever
Light a candle keep the damp at bay, bad circulation dreaming of May. Maybe this time it'll all fall together, together, together instead of wrecked apart. Want new guts I wanna rip these ones out. How dare you think you're fucking allowed? Loudly this time I can't keep it together, together. Sever these old ties.