Same Excuse


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Thanks to Marty & Minor Bird Records, Schmed, The Dollhouse (RIP) and Cascadia.

Released on Minor Bird Records as a short run of 50 tapes for tour in 2015.


released December 25, 2015

Recorded by Schmed at Club Schmed, Summer 2014, Missoula, Montana

All songs by Poor Form



all rights reserved


POOR FORM Vancouver, British Columbia

poor form is adam, legs, nate, & james.

upcoming shows:

Victoria BC
January 16, 2016
6:30 - 10:00 PM
Vacant Life (Seattle)
Not A Cost
Thick Skull
10 bux
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Track Name: Put It Off
Wouldn't try to hold your hand if I didn't mean it
And maybe you see more in her but I'm used to being distant
Let's say we're casual let's pretend it's not big thing
Let's say we're into it and you never call me
Put it off we got time
I don't know about you but I'm used to losing my mind
Wouldn't wanna be your man you've got enough of those around
But if you're into it I'm cracking beers at the playground
This is my attempt at saying things I should have said
So if you care at all
Track Name: Cowards & Creeps
Cowards and creeps abound, cutting corners and gaining ground
Caught myself a lie today, nothing matters well anyway
Got a problem you don't wanna know, I'm all cheap shots and letting go
I'm a fucker and I hate myself, but I'm in love with nobody else
Always the same and it was a lie
Everyone is such a masterpiece of bad ideas and losing sleep
Broken bodies just trying to keep some sense of purpose, and relief
All victims of a tired myth, get it over and do it quick
Start off acting smart, then it all falls apart, don't mean to break your heart but it was all a lie
Track Name: Same Excuse
Out on the street, faces I meet, your tattoos under every eye now
Rounding corners feel I'm getting warmer you got me wound up white knuckle tight
You always had the same excuse
"It's just a party," you'd speak honestly
You had me going, you had me blowing it
Curtains closed, sheets down over my eyes
You always had the same excuse
You always had the same tattoos